Suspect phoned victim and stated he was arriving imminently at her address. Victim activated TecSOS handset and officers were deployed. Offender arrested at victim's address.
Victim activated 4 times in 24 mins. She was hiding from ex partner. He ran off and then returned. Victim activated again. Officers deployed and offender was arrested and charged with 2 x Breach of Court Orders.
Offender went to victim’s home address in breach of a Restraining Order. Victim activated and officers deployed immediately. Offender arrested at scene and charged with breaching the Restraining Order. Offender placed before the court and remanded in custody.
Victim was visiting different part of UK to home county. While in the beer garden of a public house, she was accosted by her ex-partner and activated the TecSOS handset. Local force who had not issued device responded and ex partner was arrested.
TecSOS activation. Sounds of two people shouting. Officers deployed to home address of victim, based on linked information on Command & Control system. Window had been smashed. Male was arrested and charged.
Force received information that ex-partner of victim was to be released from prison. He had made serious threats against victim, who was issued TecSOS handset in consequence. Offender subsequently went to victim's address. Victim activated handset. Officers deployed as grade 1. Offender arrested and remanded in custody.
Ex-partner had a history of destroying victim's own phone. Victim issued with TecSOS handset, which she kept secreted under bra strap. Ex-partner attended victim's home and started to physically assault victim, who activated phone during struggle (unbeknown to offender). Police were deployed to linked home address and arrested offender in the course of the assault.
Suspect attended victim's home and banged on her door. Officers were deployed and suspect arrested for breach of bail conditions.
Victim was issued a TecSOS handset. She was visiting another region when she activated the handset in the street and then cleared the line. She had been assaulted by ex-partner and had then made her way to hospital, followed by the offender who then stole her TecSOS handset. Offender was later arrested and found to be in possession of the TecSOS handset.
Victim saw the offender outside her house. She activated the phone prior to his forcing entry to her home. She placed the TecSOS handset to one side, ensuring an open line to the police call-taker, resulting in the ensuing argument being recorded by the police system. Officers were deployed to the scene and the offender arrested. The extensive recording is now available as evidence for the court.
Handset activated after ex-partner suspect of ongoing harassment followed victim and approached her in the street. Suspect made off upon activation. Police deployed and arrived at scene 6 minutes later. Area search resulted in arrest for harassment.
Victim housed in refuge. Travelling in taxi and noticed she was being followed by associates of her husband. Victim activated and police deployed. Associate made off prior to police arrival.